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damon salvatore - the older, better salvatore sibling. mystic falls resident. a hundred seventy-four year old vampire 24. council member. what more do you need to know?
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a beauty & a beat | rachel & damon @ dd 

Damon had long since drifted from Lydia and Faye, and while he wanted to strangle his sister for slipping vervain into Lydia’s system, he’d managed to remember that they were in public and an full on vampire-sibling brawl was hardly something that needed to take place at a high school dance. He hadn’t even touched the drink he’d poured himself earlier, instead having tossed into the nearest trash can and pulled out the flask he’d remembered to stuff in his pockets earlier in the day. He’d just finished taking a rather large swig from the flask when the beat of a familiar song filled his ears. Closing the flask, he let his gaze fall onto Rachel’s tiny form on the stage and he had to fight the quirk of his lips as her voice registered in his ears; she was quite the sight up there.

Now, she was hardly Cher in the slinky yellow numbered he’d seen in the early seventies, but Rachel was a completely different kind of sexy all on her own up there. He’d acknowledged she’d been beautiful the night of the football game, but tonight she showed him she could be more than just that. When the end of the song came, and Rachel shot off of the stage towards God knows where, Damon decided to let a little time pass before he went searching for her. It didn’t take too long for his impatience to get the best of him though, and with a last chug from the flask in his hands, Damon set off through the throng of students until he spotted the back of the petite brunette and he came up behind her, a small grin on his lips, “That was quite the performance.”

Sunday, October 14th 2012 (5:07pm)
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