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darkness becomes him
damon salvatore - the older, better salvatore sibling. mystic falls resident. a hundred seventy-four year old vampire 24. council member. what more do you need to know?
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encounter with a starlet | rachel & damon @ fg 

Stepping onto the bleachers, Damon scanned the crowd of teenagers for signs of any familiar faces; if he was going to endure the nostalgia-inducing game of football with his brother out on the field, he was going to have some fun doing it. Not to mention he could use the opportunity to locate Quinn Fabray and tweak her mind a bit regarding the events that took place at the boarding house the other night. It was after that thought that Damon bumped into a small girl on his way up the bleacher steps. “Woah, there.” He murmured, reaching out to steady her by the shoulders, “Where’s the fire?”

Friday, September 28th 2012 (4:21pm)
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